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How should I care for my order?

Please take the following information into considering when caring for your items purchased at M & W Silkscreen. If these steps are followed, your printed items will last for a very long time. M & W Silkscreen is not responsible for items are damaged or altered due to misuse. 

Wash with cold water - using hot water can fade and shrink garments. 

Do not use harsh chemicals or liquid fabric softener - strong chemicals & liquid fabric softener can eat away at the ink. 

Always dry on low heat, no heat, or line dry - drying with heat warms up the ink which can cause it to stick to other printed areas. If this happens, when it drys it will harden together and tear when pulled apart. 

Never iron over a printed area, names, or numbers - ironing over polyester can also be damaging to the materials of the garment.

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