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How to Place an Order

So you've decided to buy a promotional product! Here are the steps to placing your order. If you're unsure of anything or just want to talk with someone about any step of the ordering process, you can always write or call us and we'll be glad to help you navigate the process.

  • Decide what your imprint is going to be. Depending on the imprint area and printing method, you could include your logo, a tagline, or some other promotional message. Be creative and make it memorable and appropriate for your target audience.

  • If you're going to create the artwork yourself or with the help of your designer, make sure to get the imprint area and imprinting method for the product from us first. If a template is available for the item, we will provide it for you to use for designing purposes. For acceptable formats, please read our Artwork Specifications page.

  • If you need M&W Silkscreen to produce the artwork, just ask. In most cases, simply taking your correctly-formatted logo and sizing it or adding text is a free service we provide. More complex artwork, or art that requires many versions, is subject to a moderate artwork charge. Generally, a vector-based EPS or PDF version of your logo will be sufficient to begin. For additional information about artwork submissions, please read our Artwork Specifications. If your logo is ready, you can send it using via email to MWSILKSCREEN@GMAIL.COM

  • If you haven't already done so, let us know what product you're buying, color choices for the product and print color(s), the quantity, delivery address (if your not picking up the order), and desired in-hands date. We will then send you a confirmation order summary and the artwork for your approval.

  • Proof the artwork and make sure the order summary matches what you're ordering. Once you approve them, email us back that you approve and the order will be processed.

  • Once your order is complete, you will receive a final invoice (if you haven't already received one), and confirmation to pick up your order.

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